Ground Zero


We at GT LINE and EXPLORER CASES are proud to announce our partnership with the project GROUND ZERO. Swedish duo photographer BRUTUS ÖSTLING and producer FREDRIK GRANATH will work around the Arctic during the coming years. The project will result in television productions, exhibitions, and a large format photography book which will be published in ten languages, in over thirty countries in 2016-2017.

GROUND ZERO tells what may be one of the most important stories of our time. This epic tale based on actual events takes us over the seemingly endless pack-ice of the Arctic Ocean and close to the impressive wildlife which is struggling for survival in the most extreme, and at the same time most beautiful, environment on Earth. Through the eyes of a very special polar bear, we will experience a world of ice in transformation, and learn how we are within reach of the tipping point - the irreversible moment when the climate on Planet Earth begins collapsing.The Arctic, more than any other place, is our climate front line. The future of a living planet is directly tied to the future of this region. Because what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.

Fredrik Granath says "Work in the Arctic is demanding. It is a region which often offers the most extreme conditions on this planet. Uncompromised quality, reliability and performance need to be at the core of everything. Only the world's best equipment and logistics are good enough. The Arctic is water - frozen and fluid. We are very proud to work with our friends at GT Line. Their Explorer Cases are the only ones I trust. No matter which conditions we face out there, we know we can always rely on them. They offer the best protection for our camera gear and technical equipment, both in the field and when we make cargo shipments around the world. And just like us, GT Line have a care for nature and the environment as an important part of their foundation.”

BRUTUS ÖSTLING is one of the world’s most prominent nature photographers. He broke through in 2005 with his debut book ”Between the Wingtips”. Since then he has published ten photography books, several best sellers, and also been published internationally in the U.S. and U.K. Unanimous critics have dubbed Brutus a world class nature photographer. In 2006 he was named Nature Photographer of the Year in Sweden, the year after that Nature Photographer of the Year in the Nordic. Two of his books have been named Book of the Year by the The World Wildlife Fund. In 2009 he won the prestigious Swedish August Award, named after August Strindberg - the Swedish comparison to the British Man Booker Prize

FREDRIK GRANATH is a leading expert on field work and production in the polar regions. Since 2001 he has been working around the Arctic, and he is specialized in working with polar bears. In 2008 he published the international bestseller book and project ”Vanishing World”. Media around the world quickly dubbed it a masterpiece. Washington Post called the work “majestic”, Vanity Fair “astonishing”, while both USA Today and Entertainment Weekly named it a “top 10” book of the year. It remains one of the most successful photography books of the last decade. Fredrik has also worked as a producer and adviser on several film- and photography projects in the Arctic, including work for the National Geographic and others.

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