The longest and hardest rally in the worldA human adventure.
An international event, which gathers together men and women of more than 50 different nationalities, the Dakar draws on a thirst for interaction and the open-mindedness of its competitors, who all crave to explore the deserts of the world and to push themselves to the limit. The Dakar ranks as one of the greatest challenges of all extreme competitions.

The Dakar Press Team reports on the Dakar Rally since 2004. A team of several people do the photo production of the event for a large number of media partners on the tracks and in the bivouac. For the 5th consecutive year Explorer Cases is one of the technical sponsor of the Dakar Press Team. All of the Dakar Press Team vehicles are equipped with our cases.




The whole story of DONNAVVENTURA is made of spectacular landscapes and breathtaking snapshots of the most exotic and wild, international sceneries.
Twenty-five years of “all-female” adventures, leaving well behind the boundaries of normal, daily life and routine, and exploring the unknown beauty of the world, which never fails to captivate and thrill the senses.

The indestructible waterproof  EXPLORER CASES, well known worldwide for their durability and reliability, hang around with Donnavventura  team since 2013.




The jungle of Borneo is thr critical orangutan habitat. This primate is now living in forests shrinking due to deforestation. Many orangutans in facing men, end with be killed or capture by poachers. The continued expansion of oil palm plantations is causing many problems to the population of the primate. This situation that is stop in the front line many members and foundations that seek to re-act to the loss of habitat that is the number of specimens of orangutans .

Our mission aims to start independent surveys, to collect photo/journalistic documentaton and film on the state of conservation of nature and the territory, expecially tropical equatorial forests .
A project, started in 2014, has already performed two expeditions in Indonesian Borneo. It provides a five-years team to be carried out in different countries and areas of the world affected by the issues of deforestation, illegal logging and production activities harmful to them.
The intent is to share, inform and increase public awareness, focusing on the important role that consumers, which has dramatically increased its importance in the  inveronmental issue.
Sustainability is the word that best represents the challenge that lies ahead in the next few years, in fact we ought to take into account that forests are a precious common good, that affect global climate changes and that are a refuge for countless number of animal and plant species.
We can not escape from this responsibility, in fact, our choices will totally affect the future of the next generations.

EXPLORER CASES, technical sponsor of the expedition, supported the team with their waterproof cases, granting the protection of photographic and video equipment throughout the journey ever, on the 4x4 vehicles, on boats, andduring the long excursions in the jungle.




Shannon leads photographic safaris and expeditions in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Experience an abundance of wildlife, landscapes and culture.
About Me: I’m an Aussie living in Africa but working wherever the wildlife calls. I’m a passionate wildlife lover and conservationist at heart with a need for technical excellence in what I do. Since 2014 Explorer Case provides the waterproof cases that help Shannon during her expeditions, to safely transport and protect all sensitive photographic equipment.

Since 2014 Explorer Case provides the waterproof cases that help Shannon during her expeditions, to safely transport and protect all sensitive photographic equipment.



Yukon River Quest 2016

The Challenge
During the Yukon River Quest – with 715 km the longest canoe and kayak race in the world – participants are subjected by Mother Nature to a grueling ordeal, and pushed to the limits of their endurance and mental toughness. Paddling through wet and windy nights or in a blinding sun, a prey to blisters, insect bites, and extreme fatigue.

"For us it is an exceptional opportunity to show our determination and perseverance."

Explorer Cases has supplied the waterproof cases for the protection of all the technical equipment used in this extraordinary competition.




Italian photographer who lives in Latina, nature lover and always curious to discover customs and traditions of other peoples, he began to cultivate his passion for Photography. At the University books adds photo books for learning about the various photographic techniques and expand its knowledge in the field.

Run nature trail photography courses and workshops through which transmits his passion for photographic philosophy. 

Explorer Cases, testimony to his professionalism and communication skills, from 2014 sponsors its photographic activities.





“We landed on Svalbard in the deepest and darkest of polar night on New Year’s day. We came from a Stockholm covered in snow and winter, and were met by mild weather and heavy rain. It was both scary and fascinating. But also tragic, since it set the tone for the winter of 2016, which was the warmest ever on record in the Arctic.

This meant a lot of problems for us, since our work with polar bears became extremely difficult because of the lack of sea ice. But of course even more problems for the polar bears, who need the ice to find their food…
We spent all winter and spring on Svalbard. First a few expeditions out in the wilderness on snowmobiles, and in early summer, around the entire archipelago by boat.”

Fredrik Granath & Melissa Schäfer