The task of monitoring the functioning and observance of the Organizational, Management and Control Model adopted by GT Line Srl, pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, is entrusted to a Supervisory Board (hereinafter “SB”), having professional and reputable requisites and powers of autonomy and independence.


All recipients of the Model and Ethical Code are required to inform the SB about any act, conduct or event – even potential – of which they are aware and that could define a violation of the standards of conduct set forth in the Model or in the Ethical Code, or a criminal offense relevant to the purpose of Legislative Decree n.231/2001.


To this end, the Supervisory Board activated the following specific communication channels by both e-mail and ordinary mail:

Organismo di Vigilanza di GT Line Srl
Via del Lavoro 9 – Loc. Crespellano – 40053 – Valsamoggia (BO) – ITALIA


The Supervisory Board will evaluate the received information, its validity and will act according to its mandate, assuring maximum confidentiality regarding the received information and the informers. The Supervisory Board in fact assures that no reprisals or discrimination will be carried out or allowed by anyone against anyone reporting cases of violation or cooperating in resolving them.

To this end, the Supervisory Board also allows anonymous reporting and ensures the reporters by processing the received information, after checking its validity, with strict confidentiality.