Our cases are able to withstand extreme temperatures: °C min -33 / max +90 – °F min -27.4 / max +194. They grant a perfect seal, are resistant to the agents and dust. The Explorer Cases have superior features of excellence and ensure full protection to the equipment contained.


The Explorer Cases are 100% made in italy. They are available in three main configurations: empty, with layers of pre-cubed foam to arrange the interior as needed or with padded divider bags and back packs for photographic equipments and drones.


Special technical features make the Explorer Cases extremely resistant to weather conditions and shockproof: they are the ideal containers for sensitive and life saving equipments. Firefighters, law enforcement, medical, diving, boating and many others fields use the Explorer Cases to ensure the safe transport of their equipment.


The Explorer Cases are widely used in the Security and Law Enforcement fields to transport safely all kind of equipments, such as scanners, metal detectors, scramblers, drones, surveillance equipments.


The Explorer Cases are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and instruments for satellite communication, such as GPS, antennas, computers. Wide range of interior customizations allow to create endless custom-made solutions.


The first certified cases in accordance with the latest NATO military standards: the Explorer Cases have gained recognition as the most reliable mean to transport and protect electronic devices, military and defence equipment. A wide range of more than 35 models, fully customizable, to grant adequate protection in the most severe locations.


The Explorer Cases are resistant to liquids and dust, and have the highest number of patented innovations. They are made with the most innovative polypropylene compound to grant the safe transportation for electronic equipment, precision instrumentation and sensitive equipment. Custom OEM products are also available, where the protective features of Explorer Cases become integral part of the device carried within.