Medium size watertight case, injected with proprietary copolymer PP that makes it more resistant and lightweight than other similar products. IP67 and MIL Stan certified to be resistant to impact, liquids, shocks. Ideal container for mechanical equipment, optical equipment and electronic devices, valuables, emergency kits and more. Can be used as a portable work station.
•Metal reinforced padlock holes
•Single block high performance injected O-ring
•Automatic pressure valve
•Soft rubber handle grip
•Removable lid
•Anti-tilt support
•Certified to grant constant performances between -33°C and +90 °C.
•Six standard colors available

Internal dimensions
L Length
17 1/2 in
W Width
13 9/16 in
D Depth
4 15/16 in
1 7/8 in
3 1/16 in
External dimensions
L Length
19 1/8 in
W Width
16 5/16 in
D Depth
5 7/8 in
Other data
Weight empty
5.51 lbs
Weight with foam
6.43 lbs
Weight with custom foam
7.09 lbs
5.07 gal
23.80 lbs/max
Operating temperature
°F min -27.4 / max +194